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Art Therapy with Children

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I don't shy away from addressing practical and behavioural difficulties. I have a special interest in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and autism (ASD). I recognise that in some cases it is as important to address and explore educational needs and behavioural strategies as it is to support children to achieve emotional wellbeing. Indeed the two are linked. A child who feels confident about their capacity in the world and who understands expectations of their behaviour geared toward their health, safety and wellbeing, is typically a more grounded and happier child.

I structure sessions according to the individual needs of the child. Sometimes this will entail a lot of free play and emotional exploration, for example for a child who struggles to play, socially interact and engage with life. At other times sessions might be structured to offer some free exploration and some set activities, for example with children who struggle to accept direction, become over stimulated or chaotic.

I work with parents and carers to establish children's ongoing needs throughout the course of therapy, though my approach is child-centred and, where appropriate, child-led. I offer both Integrative Arts Counselling (using play-based and arts based interventions to meet children at their level of need and understanding) and 1-1 therapeutic arts workshops geared more specifically to a need or difficulty the child is facing in life, for example working specifically on developing frustration tolerance. The latter is not counselling or psychotherapy as it is directed toward a single goal or outcome, while therapy and counselling will address the broader needs of the child. In cases of trauma or extreme difficulty therapy or counselling will always be recommended as emotional needs that are left unattended to have a direct impact on behaviour and wellbeing.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your child's needs. I may refer you to another therapist if I feel they might be a better fit for your child's specific needs.

Mobile: 07859161555



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